Flowers and your Wedding

Wow!! You are newly engaged! What a happy and exciting time!

Now the journey begins, you’ll soon be setting a date and starting to plan your big day, the day that you and your fiance will affirm before family and friends your love for one another. The next months will be packed with appointments, options and decisions for YOUR perfect wedding.

Flowers play a very important role in setting the tone for your wedding. You’ll have made a decision about the type of day that you want your wedding to be; whether it be a casual get together or an all out extravaganza, flowers can help you to express and accent YOUR dream wedding. It has been by experience that flowers actually “speak” and say things about each bride’s “personality”.

From the moment you pick up your bouquet and walk down the aisle in the direction of your future, to the joy of your family and friends sharing your promises and reception with you and your new husband, flowers will enunciate who you, as the bride, are in a very special way.

Choosing your wedding flowers should be a fun and personal experience. You will have to consider not only the amount of flowers but also the array of colors, diverse shapes, and individual types of flowers that communicate who you are. As a new “bride to be” the process of choosing your flowers can be eased by doing the following:

Search within and write down your thoughts about flowers. Do you have a favorite? Is there a particular flower that might be a quiet remembrance of a loved one that you may want to tuck into your bouquet? What are your favorite colors? Are you more of a soft pastel or a bold primary color person? Some brides like soft pastels but not pink…others are all pink. This is a day for you to be able to articulate who you are, with the flowers you choose sharing in “telling your story.” Flowers are an amazing tool that can be used to enhance the feel of the day and can accent your personality and your future husband’s personality as well. So…do some exploring in magazines and even in your heart, save pictures of flowers you like whether it is a particular flower, a shape, or a feel of a bouquet or arrangement you saw, bring them with you when you consult with a professional designer. Flowers can enhance any wedding type or theme from the simplest to the most formal.

Now, let’s talk about the “B” word… “Can I have the flowers I want and stay within my Budget”, you may ask. The answer is…Yes! Although sometimes it can be a challenge, a good florist can work with you and guide you according to your taste and theme.”Expensive” wedding flowers are in reach of most all budgets…it’s how many of a particular type of flower you use and what you blend them with that sets the price and feel you’re going for without going over budget. There are some flowers that can be more expensive when they are “not in season” but still available versus flowers that are “in season.” For example: Lily of the valley, “in season” can almost be picked on the side of the road, compared to the expense it would be when shipped from other areas when “not in season.” There are many options that can help keep the cost within your budget, for instance substituting a flower that is similar in size and shape can be a great solution to reducing your cost. Choosing rose petals and candles for the reception tables which create a simple elegant look rather than selecting structured arrangements are another option. The bottom line on flower budgeting for your wedding is…pick YOUR bouquet…it’s your wedding…costs can be adjusted elsewhere in the wedding if need be.

Not all brides find the flower selection process as important as others. Some girls have flowers all picked out before consulting with a florist, others approach the florist with wonder and ask for guidance. Either way, as a florist, I find it is fun, exciting and rewarding to help “enhance a brides wedding day!”

Just remember: Whether you choose simple elegance or an elaborate theme, there are flowers waiting…just for YOU!

Designs By Nancy
Nancy Reagan