Latest Directions in Wedding Cake Designs

The direction of wedding cakes……..up!

Cakes for 2010 are going up and up, in height that is! Brides still have budgets and are careful in how they are spending their money, but many have dreams of tall cakes. 2008 and 2009 were a time of smaller 2 and 3 tier cakes and the “kitchen cake”, where a sheet cake is kept in the kitchen and is served with the wedding cake to supplement the number of servings needed. But the future has many taller cakes in store. Round cakes are still the most common but square cakes are steadily growing in popularity. The latest trend is in sleek clean designs with contrasting colors, black and white being the most in demand.

It is believed that the trends in cakes each year follow the latest designs of wedding dresses. Where in years past the fuller dresses with layers of ruffles encouraged the round wider cakes, this year dresses have become slimmer sleeker …so have the cakes. The taller, slimmer, fondant covered cakes are the rage. And we can’t forget the bling. Our brides at Sweet Rewards are incorporating gold and silver touches and pearl trimmings with touches of luster dust. Beautiful, elegant and modern.

Toppers have in some cases all together disappeared, especially the traditional bride and groom topper. Many brides are using initials or sculpted characters while others stick with a beautiful fresh flower topper. Interestingly the tradition of saving the anniversary tier still exists. Our website lists the proper way to wrap and preserve your top tier. www.kellysweetrewards.com.

Lastly, and in our opinion, the most important element, the taste. Brides are very particular about their flavors and fillings and the overall quality of their cake. Our most popular combinations lately has been, red velvet cake with a coconut cream cheese filling and a cream cheese frosting, a raspberry chocolate cake with a layer of raspberry ganache, and raspberry mousse, with vanilla buttercream frosting. And the tiramisu cake with Kahlua syrup, and tiramisu liquor infused mousse. At Sweet Rewards all of our wedding cakes are baked only a day or two in advance to ensure the most moist and fresh cake possible.

And luckily for us, since we love them so much, the grooms cakes are still growing in popularity. Typically a sculptured cake to represent the grooms interest, such as his favorite football teams helmet, poker table, or his favorite car.

No matter what the trends are for 2010, be sure to work with a designer who will make your cake fit with your event. Be sure to bring invitations, photos of your centerpieces and your bridal gown, and swatches to help your designer create the perfect cake. AT Sweet Rewards a private tasting/consultation ensures that your designer will truly focus on your needs and with your help design the cake of your dreams.