Why do I need a wedding video?

Why do I need a wedding video?

As a videographer one of the questions I hear quite often is “why do I need a wedding video, I already have a photographer”. While photography is necessary, it only tells part of the story, video fills in the gaps. Many people I have met think of video as an afterthought, or the last thing they book. The average wedding is $25,000 dollars, and you can get a videographer usually for less than $2000. Some spend more than that on flowers that wilt and die, your video is a memory that can last forever.

Think if it this way, while a picture of your ceremony can give you the memory, it cannot allow you to relive the moment, to hear the sounds of your vows, the readers or the music, pictures can never give you that.

However, I can talk all day about video from my perspective; so let me share a story from a photographer about why he thinks video is so important.

I once had a photographer tell me a story about a wedding he shot. It seems the Groom had a bit of a sense of humor, and he was on the altar at church and the priest had just finished marrying him to his beautiful bride. The one thing the priest forgot was to let them kiss after they were married, so with the priest’s back turned the Groom stole a kiss from his bride. Everyone laughed, and the priest realizing what had happened, gave the Groom a very stern but in the end laughed as well. It was the events leading up to that moment that a single picture never could capture, and there was not a video camera to be found.

This is one of countless stories I have been told or observed in my years in the business. So how do I answer the question ‘why do I need a video’? I tell them that I have never met a bride that wished they had not gotten a video, but I have met many who wish they had, and you cannot do it over again.

Written by Mike Evans – Digital Video Productions