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Wedding Planning: Where to Start

So the proposal and the engagement party are over.  Now it’s time to plan the actual wedding!

One solid idea is to hire a wedding planner but, if you want to do some or all of it yourself, we have some tips on how to make the whole process a little easier:

  • Break the whole thing down into stages so that it seems less daunting. Listing each element and then identifying your preferred suppliers is a good start.
  • Set up a timetable of everything for your wedding day.  Some of your suppliers, such as the photographer, wedding car chauffeurs and caterers, will need to know when they are needed.
  • Assess how helpful the staff at the reception venues, bridal stores      and other companies are.  You need to be able to rely upon them if you’re planning the whole wedding yourself.
  • Make sure that you communicate effectively with suppliers so that you get what you want.  If you’re not very good at presenting your needs face to face, send an email in advance of any meeting with all of the relevant details.
  • It’s useful to have a contact list of all your suppliers ready during your wedding day – just in case.  Let your maid of honor keep the list so that it’s handy if you need to call someone.


If you’re looking for some reliable wedding suppliers, why not come along to our bridal show in Danbury in Connecticut on November 18?  Showtimes and details here.

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