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Wedding Superstitions: Do You Still Believe in Them?

Different cultures have different superstitions for life changing events. Weddings are one of the memorable moments that always come with its own set of practices. Some people firmly believe that without following superstitions, celebrating a marriage would be incomplete. No matter what you believe, you will most likely encounter these common superstitions.

Wearing Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

This superstition promises to bring good luck to the bride. That is why it has become tradition over the years. This wedding practice continues to persist since it is not that difficult to do. Brides just have to add specific items to the wedding dress and they will have good fortune somehow. The challenge lies in making each piece that is old, new, borrowed, and blue complement the theme and your dress.

Catching the Bouquet Means You Will Get Married Next

In a wedding ceremony, the bouquet seems to be the most sought after item. If getting married is something you want to avoid, then the bouquet or garter can become the most dreaded item. Since there are instances where people get hurt during the tussle for the bouquet, a few couples choose to exclude it from the program and replace it with other safer superstitions or practices.

Not Seeing Each Other Before The Day of The Wedding

There are different versions of this superstition. In some countries, the groom should not see the bride wearing the wedding dress before the ceremony. Despite the minor details, the main idea is that seeing the bride before she walks down the aisle is not a great idea. This superstition began because of arranged marriages. Most arranged pairs did not have a clue about how the other person looked like. If the future spouse does not meet expectations, they turn tail and no wedding takes place.

Nowadays, there is a trend known as ‘First Look’ wedding photos. Just as its name suggests, you have a photo shoot with your fiancé just before the wedding ceremony starts. While there are others that break tradition with this and see each other, you can go for unique ideas where you can still hide from one another’s view. Ask your photographer about these photos so you can have a memorable wedding day. Check out one of our recommended photographers if you still don’t have one.

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