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What to Do About Tattoos On Your Wedding Day

tattooed bride

The acceptance of visible tattoos at a wedding has been on the rise. With tattoos becoming more common (almost 40% of marrying age men and women claim to have at least one) and weddings becoming less traditional and more about the personalities of the bride and groom, showing off your gorgeous ink is no longer being looked down upon by so many. For those that do prefer to cover up for aesthetic reasons, religion, and/or family, there are many options.

1. The dress. The most simple way to cover a tattoo that is easier to hide is to consider the style of your dress. You can use the neckline, longer sleeves, or a covered back to easily hide a tattoo.

2. DIY makeup. Most brides opt for the do-it-yourself option. There are many heavy duty concealers that can do the trick. Kat Von D’s Lock-It Tattoo Concealer is one of the top picks for it’s waterproof quality and high pigmentation. Remember to get the concealer in 3 different shades. Start with the lightest and build to the darkest color. To prevent smudging, don’t spread the product to untattooed skin and set it with a powder.

3. Hire a professional. This is definitely the more pricey route (ranging from $150 – 300) but it saves time and stress of trying to get it right when you leave it in the hands of a pro. Try to find someone that can airbrush it away so the makeup looks natural and not cakey.

4. Laser removal. For $2000 you can have your small tattoo completely removed. Certain colors do respond better than others (black is easy; light blue and yellow are harder). Keep in mind that this procedure does take months so make the decision early!

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