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What to Remember When Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

When it comes to choosing shoes to wear for your wedding, it is easy to get distracted by the appearance of the shoe. Even though it may have killer heels, it is easy to fall in love with them for their look. But if this is the basis you use in choosing your wedding shoes, you may end up with blisters on your feet. You may also end up dealing with uncomfortable shoes throughout the ceremony and reception. This is why you should be careful in choosing your wedding shoes.

Here are some wedding shoe musts that you need to do before your big day:

Buy comfortable shoes

While you may already be eyeing a particular pair of high heels, you have to stop and think if it’s something that will be comfortable to use for at least six hours. You have to check if you will be comfortable using the shoes throughout the night of your wedding. Since you’ll be standing and greeting guests, you need to find shoes that you will be comfortable in. Additionally, your guests won’t get to see the entire shoe you chose to wear. It’s best to focus on your comfort instead.

Go for shoes that surround your foot

Unless you will be having a beach wedding, it’s best that you skip wearing the flip flop types of shoes. You have to look for shoes that will surround your foot so that they remove risks of falling or tripping down.

Break into your shoes

Most of the time, brides purchase shoes for their wedding. This is because they want every single detail of their wedding to be new and perfect. Remember that if you buy new shoes, you have to break into them so that they can be comfortable. At the same time, you can avoid having blisters in your feet if you have already broken you’re your new shoes.

Remember that when you’re buying shoes, it’s best that you are comfortable in them. An uncomfortable shoe will show and will reveal itself. It’s best to go for shoes that will be comfortable for you to wear on your big day! And make sure that you pair it with the wedding dress you will be wearing. Check out our wedding dress vendors in Connecticut for some ideas.

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